duminică, 13 noiembrie 2011

Underneath thine dark metaphors


We shared a kiss of death with blood on our tongues
We conceiled sharp swords in omened words-
Underneath thine dark metaphors ,I lay in vile blood
Abhorence feeds my soul,moondust pours on my sores.

In the woods I walk at night under the cold of Moon,
Under the cold of Moon I walk at day-
Thine eyes I see deep within the shadows of life,
Thine face I see in every rose that blooms.

{Over the autumnal forest a cold breeze of grief blew}

Inward urged by the whirlwind of crimson leaves,
The Moon sings sinful operettas for my unclean soul-
The ocean hithers on the rotten shore
 The forest withers for the  arrival of snow.

Shadows ariseth from my universe of loneliness
growling dark metaphors to  the beauteous grave of you,
I holdeth the blood  of night in thy rusty chalice
As tears descended in the coffin,o'er your face.

Underneath the bloody equinox I kiss the dust from graves,
For in every single mouth I can feel thine vampiric taste-
I tried to dig the mud but it succumbs again
Over your coffin,metaphors and over thine face.

A bloody moon appears covering all in red
Wolves gathered in my front
Licking my wounds and my tears
With their redden fur...

They look to me with sorrow
I crave to feel their touch
In their eyes I'm just an aeon
Brought back by the spell they've cast!

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