duminică, 13 noiembrie 2011

Pale portrait of a decadent pearl

Body raped in darkness
So fucking long ago....
Thy veins full of drugs
Exploding at his touch of dawn...
With dizzy-alcohol'd glance
With filthy gown and grotesquery make-up
Showing your tits to unwashed punks....

The cigarette strikes into the night
Like bullets from machine-guns
Lighting up everything
Underlining  the needle holes in your arms;
Look your glance in the dirty mirror of depravity...

Fucked and pleasured-but never loved...
Kissed and touched-but never caressed..
Drunk and drogued
With lips full of dirt from so much filthy tongue.
Whore!Thy beauty's now eclipsed by the filth
The world won't fucking give you a dint!

The perfume of thy skin -now sewer essence
The wisdom of thy eyes-foolish smiles of illusorious mirth
Granted with nothing
With nothing to give or to receive!
Oh,how depravation stains thy soul,
Ye innocent child,ye heathen pervert God!

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