duminică, 13 noiembrie 2011

The kiss and the carnation


 A seraphim whips the sprung virgins
but does not feel the smell of  brimstone
soon to burn down his wings,
soon to kiss the pallid lips
that close  evilish for one last soliloqui...

In lesbian passion sister with madness
her moaning mouth opens
and closes encompassing pale nipples,
and the nethermost and the most dreadful
passions errupt from betwixt open'd breasts
across the floor..

 Wounds came fast with every touch
and like carnations opened  on bodies
but her tongue of fire caused  more pain
like one thousand stakes
.......thrust betwixt the legs..
Running and stopping across opened vulvas
wherefrom blood flowed
to her keen,impious lips.

And amidst breasts that bleed,
blood wreathed her writhe of passion,
Thus the orgy has fulfilled
leaving her eliminate
the dew of love
from under her gown..
'twixt the other  lips of her
other  mouth.

"Take me,Holy Father,
I suffer in agony but agony is bearable..
But the passion...when she licks my cold cunt
it just fetters me..
I fell like Lucifer into carnal desire,
and now,how bigger gets the wound
more deeper her tongue gets through''

"God isn't here,my dear
as he'll never be..
but thou must greet me
for the pleasure I grant  thee.."
whisper'd the countess
as desire flowed  from inside her
 to the bloodpool at her dress..

And she   fled
from the dungeon,aloof...
where fantasies with womans
wept from her no sigh...
But where the canvases of kings
witnessed her masturbation
all over the nights...
Beholding the pale body
with the rose between
swallowed by the blood
which laid thick into her dream..

When is satin lingerie
and brassiere of black silk
she laid sexually fulfilled
The moon carresed her cheek
and lulled her to sleep..
But to a sleep with nightmares
where shattered fragments of erotic moans
haunted her from hell....

And while she slept
the virgins wept,
for freedom was forlorn
and punishment
was coming with every dawn...
And like dahlias they were withering
and soon unable to resist..
'Cause pregnant with madness
the countess's kisses
sucked the virgin mouths
'till they remained soulless..

And 'twixt her dual existence
the essence of dirge
from nowhere emerged,
and consequences left
cruel marks upon her destiny...

The capricorn embraced the Twins
and for her herself it led to
her personnalitie's reprieve..

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