duminică, 13 noiembrie 2011

A pale Romance(Rotten flowers for the death of thee)


"Jucundum,mea vita,mihi proponis amorem,
Hunc nostrum interno perpetuumque fore".

Forest of the mystic love get naked for my lust
In flamboyant pain of neverending solitude,
Like Proserpina shows her face upon the wintery tree-tops
Guiding sulphurous feelings all along a dead lover's corpse..
Lamia!Thy face haunts my nights,I feel thy calm
I can see thy face rising like the sun from stormy clouds...

"Deep dark-woods entwine to my sorrow
Exiled and punished to not receive a kiss,
With talons thy arms severes my heart,
'Till 'neath winter's grief won't be no Lord Ragoczy!".

Lulled in Hypnos's hands to eternal sleep
To thy grave descend in burning bliss...
Towards the limbs of one dead Thanatos
For us to fly with obsidian wings over the snow!!!
And we meet again like vampiric aeons-
My hand burns on your sapphired skin..-
Tearing down thy brassiere..
To thy magnificent flamed breasts enrobed in my lips...

Interspersing orgasmic sighs to the sky
As Night itself  pretends to be blind...
Ereb turned it's eyes from our undivine,filthy embrace..
Seducing shadows flow upon thy perfect body,
Styx craves to flow and to kiss thy spine!

"Ragoczy!I feel thy lips on my neck and I feel like a star,
Like a magnificent shadow going to explode in flamboyant suns,
In the blood that flows from my neck lies my essence of lust
Touch me with thy icy hands and osculate me with thy ghost."

"If heaven turned it's face from our love,there it shall be so!
In infernal love once for all we'll make our vows..
in dead forests of ancient wisdom once for all we'll fall,
Into a coffin of blood and snow we'll eternally make love."

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