duminică, 13 noiembrie 2011

The genesis of Love and Doom

The wind blown wildly her golden hair
While I witnessed this scene love in me was born,
Like never before I was longing for death,
For I knew that love will kill me,

I put my sword at her feet and Kissed her cheek,
And she thrilling started to run from me,
Cold embraced my soul
And I knew all it was in vain.

Mounted on a horse,
Damned to look forever for love,
God took my star,
All I was living for....

I galloped through the gallows of time,
In sunless kingdoms and forgotten realms,
In searching of beauty,with the tears frost,
Noone could help me....I was all alone.

But one night appeared in my sight
A beautiful queen,enshrouded in might,
She was the genesis of love,yet of doom,
She kissed my lips and enjoyeth my smiles.

And I slept and dreamed marblelakes all night,
While she caressed my soul,caressed it's flames,
As I was drowning in the eternal haze,
she turned to a unimaginable light that blinded my eyes.

The lake's water turned to blood,
The sky was torn apart,
She took my hand and then flied
To a kingdom beyond.

I was her king and she was my queen,
Whose words were pure honey,
And she could turn all in gold,
She was my only dream and my blackest tears.

Now as lycanthropy severs my mind
I'm yelling to a God who's deaf and blind...

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