duminică, 13 noiembrie 2011

The dirge of the marble statue


The forest seems so blighted,'neath winter's raged robe
Without thy laughter that once made  leaves fall down in tremor,
The mountains now crumble without thy guardian hand
Embolden'd to fall deep into the chasm of hell's gallow...
In voguish decadence thy tears falls like marble at thy feet....

Thy marble statue became now jagged,as thorns torn asunder thy sculpturesque face
In darkness thy shall retrieve the embrace of naked stars,and their nocturnal velvet
Spurned agains you like a majestic sandpaper,erasing thy dreams...
Sharing the orchestration of dying haze with thy flowing tears

In divine ballet thy grotescuery aeon flies among the castle's hall
When candle-lit dance steps thrown in the secular wall,
Nephilim fallen from grace in soporific trance
Aeon of immortality damned forever to make a vampiric dance...

I hear thy dirge into the night of lead
Makes me crawl from my coffin
To embrace thy limbs-(and kiss thy lips)
To remain entwined...

Dark chambers reflecting thy dreadful weep,
Serpents of lust screaming in a suculent hiss
On the crown of the solitude's genius
That shall forever stand within thy spell
Lamia!My heart is thine
Wolves promised me thy eternal lips...
Thou art forever lust's queen...

I hear thy dirge from my barron leaded-coffin
As jagged nails of thy moaning still scratch the dust
Your seductive marble ripps my malevolent sanctity.besmeareth
Thy eternal glare flows like blood in my ropped veins..

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