duminică, 13 noiembrie 2011

Love with the unlit


The forest in silver enshrouded
ripped  the moon that sprunged
like a lustra in a no way room,
but with it's last beam
it  o'erthrew a ray
to the manor's window

With onyxed eyes
she slept
as the depth
of the hell
requested her
to be the bridesmaid of death..
... when the wings of night
flew from her eyes
the image of a man
remained graven in her mind..

She saw him every sunset
and every morning alike,
on a pale horse
fleeing the ravines of her dreams
and whispering one name

"Yes,Racogzy's the name!!!"-
the countess tell to the damsel
that fell on the bed with interest..

"He's haunting my dreams
and wakes me wet
when I awake..
Dressed up in diamonds
that have no glitt
when in the chamber unlit
he undresses me
and then flees
in his castle
where a parchement's tongue
yiearns for the taste of ink.....

But devils awaited
in the nethermost shadows
where their phantasies
hurled over walls
blood spilled from the whores..
and masterbating
in the front of the mirror
that shown the lone
And when she fell in carnal desire
and with barbed wire
she beaten the virgins 'till death
Satan himself made her
lick bloody-wet flesh
of the cunt...

Eons ago
when from chaos our world was moulded
she had been designed
by the single spark of deviltry ,
from the stars which alligned
under the coil of darkness...
And when she was borned
that mocking spark of deviltry
requested Her back...

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