duminică, 13 noiembrie 2011

Absynthe drunk roses(Aphrodite tantalized)


Frost leaves fall down on thy grey tomb,
Thou left my paradise,thou spread our haze,
Through the gallows of solitude ,through the shadow's womb
I now fall and breath deep the perfume of thy grave.

My pandemic Aphrodite-
Thy majestic face is engraved now in filth
As valkyries dance with nightspwan sylphs,
Thy nebular design,god-like lips
Enshrouded eternally in rotten bridal dreams,
Dreams of rapture going to be  seared.

Art thou not dead?-I feel thine hands caressing my face.
Art thou alive?-I see you griefspawn iris.

'Neath winter's spurn I gaze to thy sculptural grave,
A thousand suns needed to drink this perfection!
It's the dusk of thy relics
The dawn of newborned hatred.!

Thy funeral accompanied by ravens songs,
By chanting scumming,dark liquored sea,
Preparing thy shadowbed of darkness spawned silk.
I fall like thy beloveth rain...for you,usurping the power of sun:ETERNALLY!

Miriads of stars witnessed thy death,embowered thy everlasting malicious smile
Bidden to dance among the shadows of smells of rose drunk with absynthe...
Litanies of grief betrotheth thy fugitive eyes,
Philtre pours from thy rotten lips on my mouth,oh,Aphrodite my dear!
Rennaisance shall know  thy soul
Under the cold clouds dark harangue....

Thou exude and raindrops pours on the soil,
In autumnal mirrors,forest uncoils
Aphrodite!Thy arms embrace the cold welkin leaves with a glance
And trees shiver under the mantle of thy beloveth gaze.

Grubs of sick constelation,arabesques of cold glittering tongues
Severed by talons of unforgiven sins,
Auroras came to shatter the beauty of thy breasts
And the cold,alabastered touch of thy skin.

On tameless tides of darkness thy dead shadow descends
Tantalized by morningtears...oh my sick,opaline queen...

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