duminică, 13 noiembrie 2011

Aschtoreth kissed Adoni's lips...

                         Aschtoreth kissed Adoni’s lips….
                                      by Antagonist

Astarte!Behold the burning passion of the astral embrace,
Behold the vast burning plains of seductive lakes
The shimmering rain that kisses the snow
and the mournful ocean of tears that weeps on the shores of Hades…
The castle’s grieving for the loss of it’s gleaning,
For the lost rain of ancient,diabolic times
Shatter’d the beauty of cosmos and desacrated the time.

At the gates of gold of Astarteion behold Aschtoreth…
She’s a goddess of winter engulfed in snow,
Behold Adoni’s lips,and his eyes which burneth as fire…………
They scream in divine violation of thine code…
Hear Aschtoreth whispers of lust in Adoni’s sodomy…
The hermafrodites hieroduls in divine rapture.

....Aschtoreth kissed Adoni's lips with burning blood
While Adoni was touching her neck with his breathe
The nature was dreaming into the garden of Astarteion
as the nightly carpet was falling down on their lustful faces...
Hark,ye night!Shalt thou break thy cosmic place
for mortal,little dreams of lust and grief?

Astarte!Thou stir stars from their place,
Thine lewd gaze makes me want to tear down thine gown
And kiss avid thine starlit,snowkissed breasts…
As nightingales are singing choires of eternal erotism
I embrace thy childish body and creep into thy depths..

As Aschtoreth sighs in eternal carnal pleasure
Thou lay down on the gold dusted ground
And let me get drunk with thine lilac scent..
Thou art forever mine,thou art part of me,
Astarteion witness the scene of dark erotic mirth

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