duminică, 13 noiembrie 2011

The charcoal eyes of a crow


I drown in your charcoal-like eyes,
I see if you're honest or you're lying
I can see what's hazy,your thoughts -
Scorn,love,hatred whatever pierces your mind.

Take a look into your blacken heart,
And just tell me what do you see,
You behold your demons?Do you see thee?
The moon is over and ready to torn apart ,
To leave a grip on your fragile soul...
Those charcoal eyes-The place I will drown...

On the edge of sanity,disappointed reality
The abhorent lies of a deceitful deity,
Ain't these your worst fucking nightmare you see
Every night in the sweat of time?

You clash with your thoughts of good,
Also with the thoughts of bad,
Continue like this and 'till morning you'll be dead..

How can you understand the malediction I call a life?
Bad people prevailing-only goodness dies...
Where's your God,King and Lord
Because I want to spit in his wisdomful eyes!

I watch on the dark horizon a crow,
And how it soars on the sky above,
I drown in his charcoal eyes
The sign of greatness and demise
It flies,something we'll never do,
Without wings we all embrace the tomb...

Look a ray of light
Or a grain of sand
Everyone  of these has it's death..
Tress are withering,light's weakening
I don't trust your god...Why should you?

What he had done for you?
Hea gave you the malediction that I call a life
That you carry on in bondage;
The pretended greatness falls upon thy corpses,
The corpses of his beloveth christians.

Die!Die!Die forevermore
You don't exist in my heart and my soul
Why?I never was a part of this world.

You wrote God's name in the skies
But the wind blown it away,
You wrote His name in your heart
But eternally it won't last.

On seraphic or demoniac wings you can fly
It's to your free choice
Evil means freedom,but you're afraid to admit
And you're narrowminded and lone.

We yiearn for the suffer where many burn
In the tar of Father Dark,
We're all brothers in darkness reborn
We're all brothers in night

Watch the charcoal eyes of a crow
And get ready to reborn.

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