duminică, 13 noiembrie 2011

Midnight Tragedy


I witnessed her death upon the doleful moor
Stained by moonsparks and ebony wood,
"Come back my fairie lady into this woeful world,
That I can't face without you".

So screamed the knight as the coldness of dole
Torn his heart slowly apart,
Thy abhorence of life revealed in the pale summernight
As he cried on her moonseeded grave.

All that was good for him died that day
Like everything around
He could not bare his woe anymore
So he died in grief,under the cold light of moon.

Now they both dance upon the sorrowfull earth,
Made their vows beneath God's dark facade,
They're free into the eternity,
Free to love and free  to live.

Her marble cheek flamed while he kissed it
And she embraced him
"Of course,my dear none has kissed me so!"
I look to them and feel lone like never before.

Without no one to love and caress,
All alone forced to carry on,
No one who loves me ,only endless hatred,
Yet adored by thy cheerful moon.

Like a star just standing alone,losing my glow,
Into the gloomy night of my life,
With none to love,no one to hate,
Damned to walk forever the path of my shadows...

Existence was my scourge that hurted me so...
Made me bleed ,made me sore...
I died at the castle of my beloveth queen...
My true bloody slayer.

In the winternight My ghost still looks for the place
Where I belong...
Doomed to guard forever the gates to the fortress....
Apostazy riped out my soul..

I always knew that I'll end up this way...
torn apart,heart-defeated,
Left alone in a remorseless winternight
Where I only  bare my remembrances of tragedy...

I am the knight without a queen,
Yet I'm having the night and the moon,
My only friends near this fortress
Where only I'm alone all the time.

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