duminică, 13 noiembrie 2011

Requiem for the nameless heroes

The promise of life faded away since the day we're borned,
In life all we cried,all of us died without any option,
Through tempest with the swords in our hands
We died with thousands in redden forests and ravines.
Aflliction torn our hearts apart,we cried for forgotten loves,
We fought for our lifes as the rain fell to grown deeper our griefs.
The light of day fled and never loom'd again..

No one mourned us,no one cried for our souls,
Just the sinners saw our blooddrops as stars on the ceiling of hell,
In mockery for our courage they've put two wooden sticks at our heads
And they've spit on our burial grounds.
Damned to live for eternity but with no physical existence,
Damned to sing forever the story of the dead-
The story of us-The nameles heroes

Deprived of love and all human things,we run towards the sun,
Fighting in and out heaven.fell from God's domain,
We run from Heaven and forever astray...
With burnt wings,yearning to live,
Yearning to not feel only pain..
And our tears cover all mountainsides,all lakes and all the ravines,
Like midwinter snowflakes or as the morning dew,so white!

In undivine operettas,in vistas of decay or in stormy clouds we dwell
We are thunder or sun ray,life or death,forgiveness and punishment
Tears and bliss,summer or winter,heavenly angels or hellhounds.
We are the forgotten heroes untamed in all requiems
And ghost of grief,kings of woods and the cradle of those magnificent stars.
But all alone,like pigeons forged in chaos,like blighted castle's candles.

Pain shatters our souls and we're devoured by cold,
On our corpses rats are dancing a sinister waltz
We forgot how many time has passed since we're windspread ghosts,
We forgot our names,we forgot our dreams and sons,
Our wifes and parents, our bloodstain'd swords.
Time forgot us and we forgot time
And now in timeless space we kiss moon with sighs.

They never looked our bodies,never knew we saved them,
They never perceived our galactical victory,-
Because of us they're free...
In ruined castles our souls still scream,
Beneath timestain'd walls and icy halls,
We are forever wifeless kings.

A requiem for us-The nameless heroes who fought for liberty,
Who broked their shield upon the snowy ravines,
And spilled their blood on tantalized soil-
It weeped and mourned our death-our only preacher.

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