luni, 21 noiembrie 2011

Q and A 2

                                         Ce genuri de muzica ascult?

Asta e o intrebare la care pot cu greu sa raspund.:)) Ascult tot ce inseamna muzica ce transmite ceva,muzica ce ma face sa ma simt intr’un anume fel.Cred ca printer genurile mele preferate se numara Symphonic Black Metal si ascult cu placere trupe precum Dimmu Borgir(desi m’am cam saturat de ei),Carach Angren(o trupa nu prea cunoscuta dar care ar putea avea un cuvant de spus pe viitor in sfera Sympho-Black si ar putea foarte usor sa’I detroneze pe Dimmu),Dark Faces(de asta nu cred ca ati auzit nici unul),Lemuria(o trupa de sympho-black/folk care rupeeee zona si au texte pe baza istorica insotite de riff’uri maiestuoase de orga),Cryptic Wintermoon(trupa underground din Germania care ar putea oricand sa se ridice deoarece chiar au unele inovatii care ar putea fi binevenite in black metal,cum ar fi intro’uri uimitoare de orga sau de chitara si care provoaca o stare foarte placuta ascultatorului) si multe altele.De asemenea imi place la nebunie melo-death’ul si sunt innebunit dupa trupe precum Wintersun(pe care’i consider niste zei:X J)),Children of Bodom desi m’au dezamagit total cu ultimul album,Imperanon,Eternal tears of Sorrow,Norther,Ensiferum s.a .Altceva..:-? …DaaaJ Ador doom metal’ul si ascult toata ziua trupe precum Draconian,Officium Triste ,Candlemass,Lethian Dreams,A dream of Poe.Doom metal’ul cred ca sta la loc de onoare in top’ul genurilor mele preferateJ
   Also,ascult muzica virgula country :)) Pur si simplu este prea faina  pentru a fi trecuta cu vederea si trupa mea preferata de country este Ghoultown J.Ascult muzica simfonica dar nu Beethoven si alde de’astea.Ascult enorm de mult muzica lui Adrian von Ziegler.La 21 de ani omul acela chiar este un geniu in materie de compus.
    Am omis ceva?:-?..Da,mai ascult si folk metal si melodic black metal si glam metal si death metal…In fine,ascult orice fel de muzica in afara de manele(si care asculta GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY BLOG sau LASA”MI COMMENT”URI SA”TI LAS CALENDARU” ).
 Cam atat despre muzica pe care o ascult..Daca prezentati manifestari neplacute adresati’va medicului sau farmacistului dumneavoastra…sau mie =))
                                     Al vostru drag,Dumnezo!:-*:-*
              Era sa uit :ALLICE TE IUBESC!:-*:-*:-*

duminică, 13 noiembrie 2011

Midnight Tragedy


I witnessed her death upon the doleful moor
Stained by moonsparks and ebony wood,
"Come back my fairie lady into this woeful world,
That I can't face without you".

So screamed the knight as the coldness of dole
Torn his heart slowly apart,
Thy abhorence of life revealed in the pale summernight
As he cried on her moonseeded grave.

All that was good for him died that day
Like everything around
He could not bare his woe anymore
So he died in grief,under the cold light of moon.

Now they both dance upon the sorrowfull earth,
Made their vows beneath God's dark facade,
They're free into the eternity,
Free to love and free  to live.

Her marble cheek flamed while he kissed it
And she embraced him
"Of course,my dear none has kissed me so!"
I look to them and feel lone like never before.

Without no one to love and caress,
All alone forced to carry on,
No one who loves me ,only endless hatred,
Yet adored by thy cheerful moon.

Like a star just standing alone,losing my glow,
Into the gloomy night of my life,
With none to love,no one to hate,
Damned to walk forever the path of my shadows...

Existence was my scourge that hurted me so...
Made me bleed ,made me sore...
I died at the castle of my beloveth queen...
My true bloody slayer.

In the winternight My ghost still looks for the place
Where I belong...
Doomed to guard forever the gates to the fortress....
Apostazy riped out my soul..

I always knew that I'll end up this way...
torn apart,heart-defeated,
Left alone in a remorseless winternight
Where I only  bare my remembrances of tragedy...

I am the knight without a queen,
Yet I'm having the night and the moon,
My only friends near this fortress
Where only I'm alone all the time.

Pale portrait of a decadent pearl

Body raped in darkness
So fucking long ago....
Thy veins full of drugs
Exploding at his touch of dawn...
With dizzy-alcohol'd glance
With filthy gown and grotesquery make-up
Showing your tits to unwashed punks....

The cigarette strikes into the night
Like bullets from machine-guns
Lighting up everything
Underlining  the needle holes in your arms;
Look your glance in the dirty mirror of depravity...

Fucked and pleasured-but never loved...
Kissed and touched-but never caressed..
Drunk and drogued
With lips full of dirt from so much filthy tongue.
Whore!Thy beauty's now eclipsed by the filth
The world won't fucking give you a dint!

The perfume of thy skin -now sewer essence
The wisdom of thy eyes-foolish smiles of illusorious mirth
Granted with nothing
With nothing to give or to receive!
Oh,how depravation stains thy soul,
Ye innocent child,ye heathen pervert God!

Requiem for the nameless heroes

The promise of life faded away since the day we're borned,
In life all we cried,all of us died without any option,
Through tempest with the swords in our hands
We died with thousands in redden forests and ravines.
Aflliction torn our hearts apart,we cried for forgotten loves,
We fought for our lifes as the rain fell to grown deeper our griefs.
The light of day fled and never loom'd again..

No one mourned us,no one cried for our souls,
Just the sinners saw our blooddrops as stars on the ceiling of hell,
In mockery for our courage they've put two wooden sticks at our heads
And they've spit on our burial grounds.
Damned to live for eternity but with no physical existence,
Damned to sing forever the story of the dead-
The story of us-The nameles heroes

Deprived of love and all human things,we run towards the sun,
Fighting in and out heaven.fell from God's domain,
We run from Heaven and forever astray...
With burnt wings,yearning to live,
Yearning to not feel only pain..
And our tears cover all mountainsides,all lakes and all the ravines,
Like midwinter snowflakes or as the morning dew,so white!

In undivine operettas,in vistas of decay or in stormy clouds we dwell
We are thunder or sun ray,life or death,forgiveness and punishment
Tears and bliss,summer or winter,heavenly angels or hellhounds.
We are the forgotten heroes untamed in all requiems
And ghost of grief,kings of woods and the cradle of those magnificent stars.
But all alone,like pigeons forged in chaos,like blighted castle's candles.

Pain shatters our souls and we're devoured by cold,
On our corpses rats are dancing a sinister waltz
We forgot how many time has passed since we're windspread ghosts,
We forgot our names,we forgot our dreams and sons,
Our wifes and parents, our bloodstain'd swords.
Time forgot us and we forgot time
And now in timeless space we kiss moon with sighs.

They never looked our bodies,never knew we saved them,
They never perceived our galactical victory,-
Because of us they're free...
In ruined castles our souls still scream,
Beneath timestain'd walls and icy halls,
We are forever wifeless kings.

A requiem for us-The nameless heroes who fought for liberty,
Who broked their shield upon the snowy ravines,
And spilled their blood on tantalized soil-
It weeped and mourned our death-our only preacher.

The dirge of the marble statue


The forest seems so blighted,'neath winter's raged robe
Without thy laughter that once made  leaves fall down in tremor,
The mountains now crumble without thy guardian hand
Embolden'd to fall deep into the chasm of hell's gallow...
In voguish decadence thy tears falls like marble at thy feet....

Thy marble statue became now jagged,as thorns torn asunder thy sculpturesque face
In darkness thy shall retrieve the embrace of naked stars,and their nocturnal velvet
Spurned agains you like a majestic sandpaper,erasing thy dreams...
Sharing the orchestration of dying haze with thy flowing tears

In divine ballet thy grotescuery aeon flies among the castle's hall
When candle-lit dance steps thrown in the secular wall,
Nephilim fallen from grace in soporific trance
Aeon of immortality damned forever to make a vampiric dance...

I hear thy dirge into the night of lead
Makes me crawl from my coffin
To embrace thy limbs-(and kiss thy lips)
To remain entwined...

Dark chambers reflecting thy dreadful weep,
Serpents of lust screaming in a suculent hiss
On the crown of the solitude's genius
That shall forever stand within thy spell
Lamia!My heart is thine
Wolves promised me thy eternal lips...
Thou art forever lust's queen...

I hear thy dirge from my barron leaded-coffin
As jagged nails of thy moaning still scratch the dust
Your seductive marble ripps my malevolent sanctity.besmeareth
Thy eternal glare flows like blood in my ropped veins..

The genesis of Love and Doom

The wind blown wildly her golden hair
While I witnessed this scene love in me was born,
Like never before I was longing for death,
For I knew that love will kill me,

I put my sword at her feet and Kissed her cheek,
And she thrilling started to run from me,
Cold embraced my soul
And I knew all it was in vain.

Mounted on a horse,
Damned to look forever for love,
God took my star,
All I was living for....

I galloped through the gallows of time,
In sunless kingdoms and forgotten realms,
In searching of beauty,with the tears frost,
Noone could help me....I was all alone.

But one night appeared in my sight
A beautiful queen,enshrouded in might,
She was the genesis of love,yet of doom,
She kissed my lips and enjoyeth my smiles.

And I slept and dreamed marblelakes all night,
While she caressed my soul,caressed it's flames,
As I was drowning in the eternal haze,
she turned to a unimaginable light that blinded my eyes.

The lake's water turned to blood,
The sky was torn apart,
She took my hand and then flied
To a kingdom beyond.

I was her king and she was my queen,
Whose words were pure honey,
And she could turn all in gold,
She was my only dream and my blackest tears.

Now as lycanthropy severs my mind
I'm yelling to a God who's deaf and blind...

Underneath thine dark metaphors


We shared a kiss of death with blood on our tongues
We conceiled sharp swords in omened words-
Underneath thine dark metaphors ,I lay in vile blood
Abhorence feeds my soul,moondust pours on my sores.

In the woods I walk at night under the cold of Moon,
Under the cold of Moon I walk at day-
Thine eyes I see deep within the shadows of life,
Thine face I see in every rose that blooms.

{Over the autumnal forest a cold breeze of grief blew}

Inward urged by the whirlwind of crimson leaves,
The Moon sings sinful operettas for my unclean soul-
The ocean hithers on the rotten shore
 The forest withers for the  arrival of snow.

Shadows ariseth from my universe of loneliness
growling dark metaphors to  the beauteous grave of you,
I holdeth the blood  of night in thy rusty chalice
As tears descended in the coffin,o'er your face.

Underneath the bloody equinox I kiss the dust from graves,
For in every single mouth I can feel thine vampiric taste-
I tried to dig the mud but it succumbs again
Over your coffin,metaphors and over thine face.

A bloody moon appears covering all in red
Wolves gathered in my front
Licking my wounds and my tears
With their redden fur...

They look to me with sorrow
I crave to feel their touch
In their eyes I'm just an aeon
Brought back by the spell they've cast!