duminică, 13 noiembrie 2011

Cangrened flesh of weeping chrisantemums...

                             Cangrened flesh of weeping chrisantemums
                                                 by Antagonist

Far away from mankind in a kingdom beyond
A beautiful girl wept for her impossible love....
He journeyed through dead gardens,so beautiful
Sorrowful .yet raped by dole...

Her bridal cloak was rotting under the grasp of time,
She didn't know thyself for she was carried by black tides
The moon thrilled emotioned in the clouds,
And with wings of rays she lift her again on the shore.

The throes in her heart which she could bare no more
Took her the life and death stands on her throne...
"Come back ,thine are the moondoves and the right to live
I scorn those  who made you suffer"I yell'd and than started to weep.

I've put ten roses on her grave and they started to weep too..
So  did the whitestain'd moon..
The pale flesh of the withering roses was slowly turning to rott
As the goldseeds of her love turned to universal doth..

I took in the palms of my hands her marbleflamed soul...
For i wanted to weep  by her side in grieve
My dear,in hope I'll be summoned in your gentle,eternal dream...
And I liberated the soul with a  endless farewell ....

And she found her love deep in the shadowsphere,
A knight like her,untouched by christianity
Who loved her hard
Gived her the love that she'd demand..

Hellforged roses laid upon her marble tomb
When the sunlit chaos emerged over the wintercharm
She broke her spell on me
I'm free to live without her,without her love...

Neverending grey veiled my sorrow of solitude
As the pain of being alone was shattering once more
And I died on her tomb
But one marble rose remained to tell her story for ever

"Thou art my queen and my light
Tough now I'm raped by death's delight."

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