duminică, 13 noiembrie 2011

Ov wolves and grief


Pidgeons of fire,dreamlike sky -I saw in that realm,
Accompanied by the crawling shades of giant wolfes..
Walking through woods forgotten long ago
Through miriad of firestars and vistas full of snow.
Dying with a last will in my thoughts-

[Spirit of firmament]
"In grief's tango thy soul shalt not be
'cause thou art meant  to be king,meant to be cleaned,
In starish waltz thy soul shalt flee-
Be without fear-I don not scorn thee!
Open thy eys and look at me,
Drink the morningdew,blood of life and immortality!

"Hark!These tears are frozen'd and are cutting like blades,
Oh,how I wish to drown in the flames of Hades!!
My heart still beats but like a butterfly wing,
Grief rapes my soul,ragges my thoughts,
Hark!Help me.ye dark spirit,ye divine dream!!!

[The Moon]
"I love thy sculptured lips and thy obsidian eyes,
I crave to kiss you,I crave to feel thy touch-

Blinding lights came from the sky
As the two forces brought me alive,
Blood pulsed again,redden my eyes
And a nostalgic roar exploded from my mouth!
"For eternity,Night and Moon-I'm thine slave,
Never shalt I be touched by that deceitful light!"

[Spirit of firmament]
"Behold thy beloveth form and spit thy mock at heaven's doors
Thou art our diamond,our physical aeon
Pain you'll not feel and for ever love you will receive.
Bound by my wife -the Moon that stands high
and by my manifestation in thy feeble mind!
In wolfish ressurection thou shalt retrieve thy bliss-
"Of wolfes and grief"is the song that you'll forever sing.

[The Moon]
"Bliss I'll engrave in thy soul
I'll embrace you from dusk 'till dawn"

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